Zou Conceptual Pop-up Boutique

Collaborator: 127 Brick Lane, Antenne Books, Link Collective

                          Jingjing Shen, Shadow (Xiaoxue) Tian, Yunting Zhang

Date: 10th – 28th April 2014

Venue: 藏 Zou, 17 Endell Street, Covent Garden London WC2H 9BJ

A self-initiated conceptual pop-up store curated, designed, managed and hosted by SPON. The store was designed based on one concept idea of a logographic character, Zou, juxtaposing niche designers’ works, independent publications and traditional Japanese textiles, along with visual art works from emerging contemporary artists, with an intention to inject different spices to the predictable retail landscape of the area of Covent Garden.

Logo Design:


Press Release:




Concept designer: Yunting Zhang
Graphic designer: Kaoru Sato
Set designer: Scarlet Winter
Installation technician: Dominic Garwood
Photography: Antonio Giacometti & Weijie Wang