Let’s look aside from the Trump and the Brexit saga for a moment, take a deep breath through your nose, what do you smell, and how do you feel?

Probably nothing.

But surely we’ve all read about it from somewhere, or heard about it from someone, the almighty Beijing smog, and you probably think, meh, what’s that got to do with me.

I didn’t think too much of it either, not until I saw it with my own eyes when I landed in Beijing airport last November. I was horrified. It was that bad, really, it was visual. You can only fathom how life is for those living on the outskirt, in the surrounding towns and cities, the industrial ones, which suffer from an even more severe pollution problem.

The environmental issue has been on for so many years that it has almost become a cliché to even talk about it. But shit is never more real than ever, it’s not just a bluff from the interested party, nor any long cons intended by those. London had suffered centuries of air pollution dated from the 1200s, Los Angeles too had its fair shares back in the 50s and 60s. And now the wind has blown, not long ago Paris et al., including London, all had to endure such issue, I personally also had physical reactions to the smog, negative ones mind you, and it pains me to hear how some or even most living in the cities still take this with a grain of salt, even it is so close and people still think fuck-all.

You wouldn’t believe, how glad we were to be notified of REFORESTUM. An app project from a group of individuals based in Valladolid, Spain. We are glad to see, that someone is still trying to make a difference. We understand, life is busy and it is difficult, you’ve got too much at stake. At this minute, there are almost 400 backers of the project, with SPON among one of them, whom would still like to see something being done. Please check out the video below and follow the link above to read a little bit and understand more about the project. Finally and most importantly, cast your contribution, as cheesy as this would sound, let’s start making the earth great again.


Until next time.

– A.



All images and video via REFORESTUM.



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