This should be a household name by now.

Dieter Rams.

I was thrilled to see this as I was wandering on the Kickstarter site the other day. We’ve started working on a new branding project and minimalism has been on the mind a lot lately. Some love it, some don’t, and Rams was probably one of the most significant figures to bring this movement to the acceptance of the public. We are very pleased to see that the project is able to come to light, with us among a crowd of 4000 plus backers. With 11 more days to go and if you still feel like making a contribution, check out the project here.

Image via Kickstarter.

Dieter Rams: As Little Design as Possible & Less and More, published by Phaidon and Gestalten respectively, are definitely two additions worthwhile to your library. We are living in a digital age but the idea of images/words on paper is going through a strong resurgence in recent years, we highly value the production of printing matters, it’s about an object that we can feel and hold, it’s about human. We would like to present a few inner pages of these two beautiful books here:



Now switching to the side of fashion.

We’ve witnessed countless fashion designers, both established and young citing Rams as their inspiration, however the spring/summer 2010 collection from Undercover’s chief designer Jun Takahashi was probably the most well-executed one up to date, it comes with a rather bold and straightforward title too – “Less but Better”, in corresponding to the phrase “Less is More”, which most would oftentimes associate with the philosophy of Rams. Upon the arrival of the Undercover book published by Rizzoli, we’ve compiled some shots of the publication below:


Until next time.

– A.


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