Wong Kar-wai

Wong Kar-wai

It was part of a project completed back in University. When SOME/THINGS started to emerge and I was looking everywhere for a back issue of A Magazine, the internet wasn’t as developed as it is today and the word “curation”, wasn’t throwing around like it was nothing, it still carried a little bit of weight. I felt like I couldn’t get enough of either S/T or A Mag and the fact that they both bear a hefty price tag mind you, I just thought I do one myself. And also, there weren’t so many Kinfolks and etc., the majority of the magazines was dominated by pages and pages, and pages of ads and insignificant writings. So here comes “Curate the Beauty of Essence of Life”, a little magazine publication project that I did together with a friend, what an incredibly cheesy title and it was in fact rather premature, back then I didn’t have a single clue about graphic design, the font or the layout or whatnot, everything was done on instinct I guess it didn’t turn out too bad. This 20-page homage/dedication to the director and the cinematographer Christopher Doyle, also contains song lyrics, quotes from the movies, and writers. I still remember sitting in my dark room watching all the movies continuously, ‘binge watching’, what they call it nowadays, trying to grasp and absorb whatever I could before putting these pages together.

It is nice looking back.

Until next time.

–  A.


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