The Norlan Whisky Glass

The Norlan Whisky Glass

Just thought we share this project on Kickstarter – The Norlan Whisky Glass, since SPON was also a backer for this wicked little thing.

I personally have been following the works of Scruli Recht, an Iceland based fashion designer, though to refer him as a “fashion designer” was probably an understatement as he has been associated with a variety of projects, including this ring made out of his abdomen skin mounted to a gold band, couldn’t say I’m a fan but I’m sure it appeals to some at a staggering price tag. To what extent was he involved in the design or the production of the glass, I have got no clue but that’s how I came to discover the project. The products have yet to be dispatched but the campaign does a wonderful job in outlining the physics and aesthetics of the glass, those whom are interested in whisky or, drinks as a matter of fact, make sure you check out the links inserted above. There’s this limited edition box set titled, Kist, containing 8 glasses that you would also be able to pre-order. I would never be able to share a drink with 7 others so, if you feel like you’ve got some spare cash lying around, where else to look. Simply put, it’s looking sick as hell. Enjoy.


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