I’m sure many would find the culture of Japan fascinating, enchanting, exotic, sophisticated and etc., this sentence may never end. When I was growing up I was surrounded by things from this small yet influential island, the anime/cartoon, the manga/comics, the games, the fashion, and once again it’s a long list. Even the genre of Ukiyo-e had been known to have a strong influence on many of the Western impressionists back in the days. It was not until recently that I oftentimes find myself dwelling on the word “weird”, when I think of Japanese culture, without turning this blog post into an essay, simply think about the works from Takashi Murakami and you will probably catch the gist of it. And this is partially why we collaborated with Kentaro Kobuke on this occasion, that collision of the innocence and distortion in his works is what we find particularly intriguing. We would like to thank Kobuke san for this opportunity to present his latest works in the space.

A bit irrelevant, the final image was from an exhibition in Whitecube though I failed to recall the name of the artist. The ceiling installation evoked almost a claustrophobic state whilst the intermittent sound, it pulled you away from the reality. A creation of an astonishingly sensory space.

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