What is SPON?

What is SPON?

What is ‘SPON’?

We get mistaken for ‘Spoon’, ‘Sponge’, ‘Sponsor’ even, from time to time, which aren’t necessarily bad names for a company, quite quirky ones in fact, depending on the nature of the business of course.

But no, we aren’t those.

‘SPON’ is short for ‘Spontaneous’, that’s how we like to do things, we like to initiate projects that we enjoy, not afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone either, and we want our collaborators, our partners, our clients and the world to be able to indulge in our spontaneity too.

The seed was planted initially over a couple of drinks (as expected) on a roof-top bar somewhere hidden near Old Street, we first helped organising an photographic exhibition collaborating with artists and all back in February 2014, somewhere near Old Street once again. And basically that’s how it all started. We like a lot of things, art, books, food, drinks, garments, travelling, we draw inspirations from all these things we appreciate and that’s how we create.

We are now operating from London, UK and Nagoya, Japan, with one of our founders travels back in forth between the two cities, for work, and a few other things too without me naming them. “Explore the world, live for joy”, that was our slogan or whatever at the very beginning, as cheesy and naive as it may possibly sound, it remains as our fundamental interest deep down in our hearts, it’s also something that’s actually shared by quite a lot of people we’ve met, and we would like to do our best to achieve this goal.

So that’s that, take a moment and browse through our portfolio, we have to admit not everything in there is perfect, we are still young, we are still learning, we are growing and shaping up our identity as ‘Spon’, and we know exactly where our journey is headed, that’s what’s important I guess. So join us and let’s create, come say hello, drop us a line for a project, a collaboration, a drink or a coffee, let’s have some fun.


Until next time.

– A.

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